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Nightingale String Quartet

Palouse Frost, Fog, and Snow

I developed some of those photos that I took when I went down to Pullman to get my stuff.

Just thought I'd post an FYI and let you all who are interested (and probably some that aren't) that I put them up on my site. Also this gives me a place to post some of my favorites in a higher resolution.

Sooo, they should be pretty easy to find, or you could go directly to the album by clicking here:

More photos can be found at:


So... I know that I'm kinda doing things backward here but I thought that I'd post something concerning Christmas...

As has become our tradition we went to visit my grandparents in the Yakima Valley. It's always good seeing my Mom's side of the family. On this trip one of my sisters decided to learn how to knit and the other renewed her interest in crocheting. Yep, that's them above and below...

As is typical the little brother stole the show Christmas morning as only a 5 year old can :) We have had a tradition of letting the youngest child (who is physically able that is) hand out the presents to everyone else in the room. Of course we older folk are often called upon to help out in reading tags an the like, but that just makes it all the more cute. heh

Ah cousins, :) When we go for Christmas we tend to spend most of the time at my Grandparents house, but because my aunt and her family also live in the same town we always go and spend some time at there house as well. Typically food and board games, tis a good time. Also for the past few years my cousins have drafted some of us Snook kids to help out in putting together the Christmas Eve service for the Lutheran church that they attend. Sometimes it can be a bit, um interesting because they let the youth have a big hand in organizing it. This year it went rather well I think though. Good work Helen.

More images can be found at
Here is a very small sampling of pictures that I have taken since my last post. I have many more but I think these are some of my favorites may be good in the higher resolution. Sorry there are so many… after thanksgiving break I really had to buckle down and actually work on my Architecture project so I forced myself to not play with pictures, but here they are now :)